Lost in Translation

By Jen Piwtpitt - 7:25 AM

There is one aspect of running a 24/7 daycare being outnumbered by small children I have yet to discuss here.
I have named this phenomenon and even created a little picture to fully illustrate what happens.
Lost In Translation
kids flowchart
Our trip to Target today provided a perfect example:
(Walking through toy aisles to pick out their bribe for not fighting the entire trip a small treat.)
Child 1 (2 y/o): Look, look it’s Areo!
Me: Oh from The Little Mermaid, that’s Ari…
Child 2 (4 y/o): That’s not Areo that’s Ariolo.
Me: No, her name is A...
Child 3 (4 y/o and perceived expert on the subject): Boys, her name is Areola.
Child 1 & 2 nodding approvingly: Can we get Areola, please, please mom? We love Areola!
Child 3: Yes, we want Areola, Mom.
Me: Guys, we are not getting…
Child 2: Look Toy Story toys!
Exit aisle left. I follow red faced but relieved my children only shouted “areola” three times.
Now moving on to everyone asking for a Woody.
Who comes up with these Disney names anyway?
woody costume
What have kids done to embarrass you lately?
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