Writing Advice From a Bunch of Kick Ass Mom Bloggers

By Jen Piwtpitt - 9:06 AM

Well, it's 2014 and it's time to set some writing goals. Problem is, we obviously took too long of a break over the holidays, because today we can't write anything.

Are you a writer who can't write? Is your brain a jumble of things you'd like to get down on paper, but you can't? Or worse, is your mind a big black hole with nothing in there except a deadline looming over your head?

We've all been there, haven't we? Just today this exact topic came up between my fellow Kick Ass Bloggers and we all started sharing our best tips to beat the block.

When we were done, we realized we had some really great words of wisdom that should be shared with the world. So here we are. Hopefully, something will work for you. If it doesn't, just know you're in the same boat as a bunch of us.


"Sometimes I just write, and it's complete and total shit but I keep typing words, stream of consciousness until I have a few paragraphs. Then I leave it for a day and go back to it." - Rachael, Rach Riot

"I'll write a few paragraphs about whatever idea is in my head, even though I know it'll suck. When I come back to it later, it's easier to edit those paragraphs and then continue than it is to start with a blank page." - Robyn, Hollow Tree Ventures

"Just push through and write anything, it doesn't need to be published, it just needs to exercise your muscles again. Try writing something that's not your usual. Don't write a blog post, write a personal journal entry or a page of fiction, just something to start the wheels turning." - Jen, People I Want to Punch in the Throat

"Some blog posts are going to be velvet, but I like to look down and see that I'm more comfy in my sweatpants. Wouldn't trade them for the world!" - Stacey, Nurse Mommy Laughs

"I work better under pressure. So I give myself a deadline because I know I'll beat myself up if I miss it."- JD, Honest Mom


"When that happens I don't write. I used to make myself write 3x a week but I ain't got time for that.
If I write I write if I don't I don't." - Patti, Insane in the Mom-Brain 

"I repost something old, walk away (usually figuratively), and take a break until I feel like doing it again. Sometimes when I repost the old stuff, it does better the second time around." - Susan, The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

"Give a fellow blogger a call. Seriously. Sometimes it helps to talk about your ideas in a conversational way, toss ideas about the idea around with someone. Blooms sprout from a seed AND a little stirring of the environment. Sounds like you need to be stirred." - Kim, Let Me Start By Saying

"When I'm stuck I step away from the pressure...repost an oldie but goodie...and give it a day or two." - Michelle, You're my favorite today.


"Using pen and paper has helped me in a few deadline-looming moments. Forces me to turn off the computer and focus." - Tara, You Know it Happens at Your House Too

"I find that when I start writing things out by hand, stuff just pours out much faster than when I stare at a blank screen and try to write stuff by tapping out letters on a keyboard." - Teri, Snarkfest

"I also do the pen and paper thing, or I'll try looking at one of the ideas stuck in my head in a new way (sometimes making it into a list post instead of paragraphs helps - gets the jokes/ideas out without having to write actual paragraphs and smooth transitions)." - Robyn, Hollow Tree Ventures


"I hire a babysitter for a 4 hour chunk of time, get caffeinated and take my laptop someplace there is QUIET and no wifi. No wifi = no emails or Facebook or Buzzfeed or videos of Tom Hiddleston dancing for me. Then I'm forced to write. Once I bust through the wall, I'm usually good for a week or so until the procrastination/ADD/general apathy takes over my brain again." - Lydia, Rants from Mommyland

I turn off my wifi on my computer and close all windows except for a blank document. I have no discipline and need to do that. - JD, Honest Mom


"I write a lot of newsy, currents events stuff, so trolling through Buzzfeed is considered research. (Or at least that's what I tell myself.)" - Jen, People I Want to Punch in the Throat

"There's a lot of pins on Pinterest with ideas that I have in my Favorite Things board. I also read other lists of blog prompts and my mind takes a tangent at times and comes up with my own ah-ha idea." - Michelle, You're my favorite today.

"Read the news: both the real stuff AND the crappy celebrity news stuff. Both brilliant and stupid things you see can inspire." - Kim, Let Me Start By Saying

"I look through my All About Writing board on Pinterest for prompts or ideas I've saved." - Jen, People I Want to Punch in the Throat


"We have over 58 drafts. Some are just the title. Some have writing. Some may never be done, but hey, it is the thought that counts!" - Lisa & Ashley, The Dose of Reality

"Read your old, old blog posts and Facebook statuses. You might have a new opinion on something you've written about, a fresh story now that your kids are older, etc." - Kim, Let Me Start By Saying

"I go back and troll through the 100s (no exaggeration) of half finished posts I walked away from and work on them. I just write crap until something starts to gel."  - Jen, People I Want to Punch in the Throat


Go somewhere brand new, even if it's crappy. Got a World's Biggest Ball of Tinfoil a short drive away? Go there. Local art gallery loaded with mediocre art? Go there. - Nicole Leigh Shaw

"It helps me to step away from the keyboard (and the pistachios) and read something that's not my genre. Otherwise I get all up in my head and can't enjoy the reading." - Bethany, I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping

"Read your favorite books again (especially essays), walk away and do anything but write (I find the more inconvenient it is for me to write the better my ideas are), talk to a friend on the phone, watch movies, do writing prompts, join a few online writing groups and read other peoples' responses to writing prompts until your brain says "well I would have written xyz to that instead of THIS garbage", etc." - Kim, Let Me Start By Saying

"I go for walks, clean the house, paint rooms, make paintings and reorganize every fucking thing. Sometimes I yell at people and cry. And eat cookies. I may look like shit, but my house is looking pretty good right now and the closets are downright stunning." - Johi, Confessions of a Cornfed Girl
"I'm a big fan of the shower when I'm blocked. Stacey from Nurse Mommy Laughs gave me a waterproof pad that sticks to the wall and I stand in there and write." - Jen, People I Want to Punch in the Throat 

"We swear by the waterproof pad too! We also do our best thinking in the shower."- Lisa & Ashley, The Dose of Reality 

I have a box of old pictures and memorabilia from middle and high school. When I'm really stumped, I go through those and remember funny stories from when I was a dumb kid. Like even dumber than I am now. It always sparks something. - Amy, Funny is Family8. TAKE NOTES - THEY MIGHT TURN INTO SOMETHING.

"I constantly type out notes on my iPhone notepad anytime something funny or blog worthy happens. When I sit down to write a post, I use my notes to figure out what I'm going to blog about." - Kristen, Life on Peanut Layne

"I have a notebook I carry around with me and I jot down ideas" - Susan, The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva 

Do you have any tips you want to share? Leave a comment!

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