Top 50 Things I Could Do Before I Had Kids

By Jen Piwtpitt - 3:05 PM

I made this list with the help of lots of parents who were asked to list just ONE thing they could do BEFORE they had kids. I was expecting a few responses, but I was overwhelmed with all the responses. I had to put together a list.

50.  Talk on the phone.
49.  Eat a snack alone.
48.  Wear a bikini.
47.  Shop for clothes for an adult.
46.  Read a book.
45.  Travel on short notice.
44.  Have a clean house.
43.  Laugh without peeing or crossing my legs.
42.  Sleep naked.
41.  RELAX.
40.  Shower on a regular basis.
39.  Going on date night and stay up past 9pm.
38.  Watching a movie that was not made by Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar.
37.  Jump on trampoline without the need to pee.
36.  Shopping ALONE.
35.  Save money.
34.  Be sick alone without interruption.
33.  Stay in bed all day and have sex with the hubs.
32.  Wear jeans without my thighs rubbing together.
31.  Spending tons of money on makeup.
30.  Focus.
29.  Tan alone.
28.  Midnight drives to the beach and getting up at 7am.
27.  Watching a commercial or Lifetime without blubbering like a baby.
26.  Run away.
25.  Take a bath.
24.  Eat candy without having to hide it.
23.  Do my hair, not just in a bun or pony tail.
22.  Go without a bra.
21.  Sleep without worrying all the time.
20.  Eat chocolate without getting attacked.
19.  Watch Seinfeld naked while eating Chinese food.
18.  Watch horror movies.
17.  Not having to spell out ever swear word.
16.  Leave the house without SNACKS.
15.  Do a basic cartwheel or somersault.
14.  Breathe.
13.  Not have wrinkles.
12.  Have some privacy.
11.  Be on time to something.
10.  Get drunk and make poor decisions.
09.  Not worry about finding a babysitter.
08.  Have nice things.
07.  Wear yoga pants because I want to. Not because I have to.
06.  Chew my food.
05.  Curse like a sailor.
04.  Travel alone.
03.  Sit in silence.
02.  SLEEP IN.
01.  Pee alone.

Anything missing? What's on your list??

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