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By Jen Piwtpitt - 3:57 PM

I know a few mamas who really deserve kudos. Every. Damn. Day. they plan their kids' meals, shop for locally-sourced produce, and create colorful Bento boxes that trick their children into believing poached Brussel sprouts are Olaf's green cousin.
There is zero chance I am going to join the ranks of these Pinterest-worthy mamas. I can barely toss a salad with kids underfoot, and my standard toddler menu comes from the frozen food aisle. So what do the rest of us do? Wallow in the shame of our culinary inadequacies?
No, I say!
I have a solution that requires nothing more than a few adjectives. Your menu? I fixed it. And your grocery cart looks exactly the same.
Formerly: Mac n Cheese with Hot Dog
Fixed it: Al dente pasta elbows with whole cheese and sliced all-beef sausage

Formerly: Chicken Nuggets and a fruit cup.
Fixed it: Crumb-coated chicken breast with Hawaiian fruit panoply.

Formerly: Pizza and canned veggies
Fixed it: Italian Margherita Pie and French cut green beans

Formerly: Frozen Eggo and raisins
Fixed it: Waffled Wheat with sun-dried raisins

Formerly: Fish sticks and French fries
Fixed it: Crusted Haddock filet with pommes frites

Formerly: Sandwich and crackers
Fixed it: Roasted turkey on pan blanc with salted cheddar wafers

Mamas, there is no shame in your grocery game. Keep your head held high as that toddler chows down on a French fry (ahem, pommes frites). Because all you really need to brighten up mealtime is a little imagination...and maybe a thesaurus. 

Bio: Mary Katherine is founder of She is a southern mom with strong opinions and a messy home. She is a self-published author, and loves blogging for the community it creates. Her writing can be seen on Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamapedia, Coffee+Crumbs, and more..but Mom Babble is her home.

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