Please, Kids, Five More Minutes

Summer vacation certainly seems luxurious and decadent for a stay-at-home mom.  Imagine no set alarms or real reason to rise early in the morning.  I live for non-busy weekends, holidays and vacations, so I can sleep in.  And yet, it rarely happens due to a major wrench in my dreamy plans…my kids.

Sleeping in is a treasured teenage pastime.  I loved snuggling in bed and not moving.  Of course, I never slept till noon because of my mom.  She’d drive me crazy by walking into my room at a “reasonable hour” and snapping up the shades.  Before that, through the mist of slumber, I could hear her (intentionally?) banging pots and pans together in the kitchen.  She just wanted us to enjoy the bright, glorious, sunshiny day! Throwing a pillow at her wasn’t an option.